Flash and HTML5

Have you ever wondered how each game you are playing is created? Our technology has evolved over time to make a better application for the users. Casinos have utilized the amazing technology to migrate from a physical setup into the gaming world. Different software developers find their way to create an interactive game.

There are several ways to develop a certain game, but the most common language used are HTML5 and Flash. These two have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What is HTML5?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is used to develop webpages and improve the support for multimedia. HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML. This is commonly used in creating apps because Google Chrome browser uses HTML5 as default. The said browser has blocked Flash, thus more developers are now opting for HTML5.

The elements within this markup language is well structured so it can be easily interpreted by humans and computers. This fifth version is created to address most of the syntax errors within various browsers. It is also lightweight and widely supported.

What is Flash?

Adobe Flash is a binary format used to create multimedia. ActionScript is the reason behind the programmed Flash apps and contents. Browsers with Flash plug-ins can show object-oriented scripting language. This is usually used to create vector graphics, games, and other rich internet applications (RIAs). In order to add streamed audio and video, flash is used.

Before you can view a flash content, you need an Adobe Flash Player as a plug-in the browser. Unfortunately, some companies such as Apple, the developer of iPhone and iPad, do not support flash content. The reason might be its complexity. Flash is seen to be hard to use on devices with touch screens. Many users also commented that flash can slow down the devices and can easily drain the battery of a device.

Differences between HTML5 and Flash

Compared to flash, HTML5 is quite newer. In addition, HTML5 has a wider market because it is faster and easier to use. In terms of supporting video content, flash is better compared to HTML5.

Developing content in these two types can make different price. The tools like Adobe, which can create flash content, is quite expensive. HTML5 can be created using Construct 2 and other related tools. Actually, developing an HTML5 content requires a lot more tools, but it is still less expensive rather than Adobe tools. This means creating app using HTML5 is cheaper compared to flash.

Flash has the capacity to display a crisp image because of its subpixel measurement. This ability can lead into sharper and clearer image display of the game. Meanwhile, HTML5 is not consistent in its image display, giving the users a less attractive interface.

The parent company of flash is Adobe and it is not an open standard. On the other hand, the HTML5 is created to compatible with others as it is controlled by several giant companies like Mozilla, Opera, and Apple. These big names are the committees behind the said markup language. Because there are many companies to be considered, HTML5 is created to match almost every browser and app across this field.

In relation to the flexibility of HTML5, this language can accommodate mobile casinos. The flash, on the other hand, is only compatible to run on desktops and laptops. You cannot use flash on your mobile devices. This fact affects the number of users of flash. In this era where users of mobile gadgets are increasing, it is a disadvantage for flash not to support them.

HTML5 does not need any plug-in to play and show its content. It can render multimedia instantly without loading a plug-in. It can also be a downside for HTML5 because the old versions of browsers may not be correctly displayed. Meanwhile, the flash needs a player as a plugin that must be installed in a browser. The disadvantage of this is that if a browser does not have a plugin, then the content may not be also displayed.

Online Casinos with Flash

Games using flash can be instantly played in their browsers as long as it has flash plug-in. One of the casinos that can be played with flash is the 888 Casino. This gaming site also offers bonus with up to $1,500. It is also available in mobile but only in Android.

Other casinos using flash are the Spin Palace, Bet 365, Ruby Fortune, and Casino.com. All these gaming sites are featuring games like blackjack, poker, roulette, crap, baccarat, slot machines, and other arcade games.

Instead of downloading a casino game, you can simply use the flash casino for an instant play. This will save 100 MB up to 250 MB space in your hard drive. We all know that software apps can take a huge space in your device. With a flash gaming experience, only the temporary cache files will take space on your gadgets. This is not a problem at all because you can simply delete these cache files any time you want to.

HTML5 Online Casinos

Similar with flash casinos, HTML5 lets you play online games in an instant because there is also no need for download. Some of the casinos using HTML5 are InterCasino, Jackpot City Casino, Magic Red, Roxy Palace, and Slots Magic.

To use an HTML5 online casino, you simply need to access the game using a browser. Since most browsers are using this language as default, the games are automatically displayed without the need of any plug-ins. Using an HTML5 web casino can let you try games for free. Trial versions are available for play. If you want to play with real money, you just need to register in the gaming site and you can proceed in winning your cash.

Mobile casinos are also using HTML5 to run their sites. You can use your mobile gadgets, whether it is an Android, Windows, or iOS, in playing your favorite game wherever you go. Games such as 5 Reel Drive, Couch Potato, Big Top, Titan Slot, and Cleopatra Slot are using HTML5 too.

The benefit of saving space on the desktop's hard drive is also achievable in HTML5 online casinos. Only temporary cache files are being stored in your device because there you do not have to download any application. Another advantage of having HTML5 is that it is supported by Apple. Since many users are using iPhone and iPads in gaming, they can be assured that they can use their devices to open an HTML5 casinos.

Both HTML5 and flash have their own benefits and downsides so it all depends on your specific preference. Nevertheless, both can give you a fun gaming experience.